Created for EECS 395: Computational Photography Seminar. A easy-to-use realization of a complex imaging technique in which each vertical column of pixels in the image represents the same place, at a different time.

Temporal Median Video

Python program for processing a temporal median filter effect across a set of frames from a video.

Flask + MongoDB Boilerplate WebApp

A quick web application designed to make it easy to build a quick and responsive application using Flask and MongoDB, hosted on Heroku. It's intended as boilerplate code for quickly developing cool features on the front or backend, without having to worry about how to make them communicate (unless you want sockets. I might do a version with sockets soon). Uses Flask, Flask-Restful, MongoDB, Heroku, and some of the fun new Javascript data collection APIs. Also the least pretty frontend of all time.


A demo of a recipe website featuring Alexa-esque voice commands. Used API and annyang. Built as part of a Human-Computer Interaction class.

Gone By Dawn

Team project for EECS 370: Game Design. A fast-paced top-down multiplayer game about graverobbing. Developed on a 4-person team as part of a Northwestern Game Design class. I focused on UI development, animation, and aesthetics – all the visuals in the game were created using stopmotion animation on real clay objects, which were later converted to sprites for Unity.